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Surprise… by Daniel Parent ©
Thank You, Dan !


Surprise… by Daniel Parent ©

Thank You, Dan !


Wildlife in suburbia: Photographer watches fox kits grow up
When wildlife photographer Melissa Groo was tipped off by friends about a fox family that set up home in a backyard shed, she promptly put up a blind and spent a season with them. Here’s what she saw.


Random picture dump!


Miko last fall in my backyard!

Our backyard is secure, fenced in and with all little gaps filled in to prevent him to slip out. He’s always under full supervision when off leash, despite the backyard being very secure. Foxes are tricksters, masters, artists of escape, therefore they should never be off leash if in a non secure outdoor area, and always supervized in a secure outdoor area.


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Ignorant carnists are getting me more frustrated than usual today so I decided to de-stress with foxes, is there any better way? Here’s to anyone else having a bad day <3